Allies vs axis ww2


It is January 1942,. the Axis in Asia - what had they done previous to Dec 7.

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Although Hitler and Mussolini fought in Europe while Tojo led his Imperial.


Best Answer: Allies of World War 2 U.S., Great Britain (UK), Russia, Canada, China, Australia, France, were major Allies.Eva Fauen December 14, 2012. many forget the large number of Allied war crimes committed against the Axis powers.But some of these miscalculations were...

World War 2 Allies and Axis Map

Mike also created the Russia vs. the World scenario and the WWI scenario.

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Axis The Second World War was basically a battle between the Axis Powers and the Allies.What if Japan and the USA were on opposite sides (Allies vs Axis) during WW2.

Map of Axis Powers in World War II

For axis they fought us.Duh. Allies were the ones who helped us with ammition,tanks,etc.